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As a Ink for screen printing, which solidifies the surface of various quality of materials with the Ultra Violet ray, it has the outstanding chemical, physical characteristics solidifying and drying out materials by momentary irradiation, as well as helpfulness for environment and energy economization. Special inks giving various printing effects are also offered.


Category Application Type Diluent Printing type
BRI-UV Ink Series PE, PP, PET, PVC, PC, ABS Primary & Mixing Colors BRI-UV-Reducer Silkscreen
BRI-UV-Coarse Effects (Etching) Gold·Silver Paper Particle Size(L·M·S) BRPPI-UV-5000 Silkscreen
BRI-UV-lron Plate Painted Iron Surface Primary & Mixing Colors BRI-UV-Reducer Silkscreen
BRI-UV-Thick film Sticker And Gold·Silver Paper For Nail art Gloss Soft & Hard BRI-UV-Reducer Silkscreen & Potting
BRCI-UV-Transparent BRPPI PVC, OPP, Packing, Gold·Silver Paper Gloss, Matt, Soft & Hard BRCI-UV-Reducer
BRPD-UV-PAD PE Primary & Mixing Colors BRI-UV-Reducer PAD Printing
BRP-UV-1000 Series Paper for OP Gloss & Matt, Low·High Viscosity BRP-UV-diluent Roller coating
BRS-UV-1100 Series ABS hard coating Gloss & Matt BRS-UV-diluent Spray Coating
BRI-UV-Transcription R202 Transcription Film Gloss & Matt Transfer-diluent Gravure
BRI-UV-Adhesive PVC, PMMA, Film, Glass Soft & Hard, Order Usage BRI-UV adhesive Reducer Silkscreen
BRI-UV-Ceramic Glass Order Usage BRI-UV-ceramic Reducer Roller & Potting
BRI-UV-WRINKLE CLEAR Gold·Silver Paper For effective wrinkle pattern BRI-UV-Reducer Silkscreen
BRI-UV-8800BL Gold·Silver Paper For bubble effect BRI-UV-Reducer Silkscreen
BRI-UV-HG2004 For PET Film Hologram Hard BRI-UV-diluent Roll Coating
BRI-UV-SP Series AL Deposition UV, Primer Transparent, High Speed Curing BRI-UV-Diluent Gravure
BRI-UV-HC Series PET,PCFilm Hard Coating Transparent BRI-UV-Diluent Microgravure
BRI-UV-280 Series MDF Transparent, For Colored (Two-Liquid) Transparent, Colored BRI-UV-Diluent Silkscreen
BRI-UV-315P PP Material for protection (Two-Liquid) Transparent BRI-UV-Diluent Silkscreen
BRI-UV-GS Series Pattern Molding Transparent BRI-UV-Reducer Roll
BRI-UV-For protection S Series PS (For Nails) Gloss, Matt BRI-UV-Reducer Silkscreen
Item Application Remark
BRI-UV-Smoothness supplements UV-Smoothness Improvement, Vesicular Improve 0.1~1.0%
BRI-UV-Curing Accelerator UV-Sclerotic Improver Within 0.5%
BRI-UV-Diluent UV-Diluent Within 0.5%
BRI-UV-Reducer UV-Viscosity Regulators Within 0.5%
BRI-UV-Domestic Additives UV-Water-Proofing Improve Within 3% (Use within 6 hours when mixed)
BRI-UV-OPP Diluent A OPPMaterial Adhesion Supplement, Smoothness Improvement 1~3%
BRI-UV-For Paper Diluent For Paper UV Diluent 1~5%
Hardener for PET PETMaterial Adhesion Supplement 1~3% (Use within 6 hours when mixed)
Field Product NO. Application Characteristic Remark
Top-coating GR-828 Matt PET film Matt Gravure coating, Warriors dysplasia
GR-828 Glossy PET film Glossy Gravure coating
GR-WS(White color) OPP film Printability for security, White Gravure coating, Printability
GR-730 Matt PET Film Matt coating Gravure coating High Speed Curing